When it comes to playing an online slot machine, the first thing that must be considered is its Return to Player or RTP. As its name suggests, this acronym means the rate of all the wagered money that will return to a player over time.

Let’s give an example: there is a slot game with an RTP of 98%. So, every £1 you wager, you will get back 98p. Nonetheless, it is not as simple as it seems because it requires more than one million spins. If you want to understand more, luckily for you, all of your questions about RTP will be answered through this article.


What Is a High RTP Slot?

According to the explanation above, the best solution to get bigger winnings is to choose firstly the slot with a high RTP. This means the higher the slot’s RTP, the stronger the chance you have to keep your stake. (This is not the case of volatility that will be explained below).

However, always keep in mind that it depends on your long period of play. So you should be realistic to hope that you will really win back more than 90% of all your bets. Regrettably, the mobile slots offer less than 94% RTP and gambling on any games under this amount is like throwing money out the window.

Highest RTP slots

Most of the online slots have in the neighbourhood of 95% RTP but there are some games feature 99% payback and even higher. Here are the slots with RTP closer to 99%.


The well-reputed is Mega Joker by NetEnt. Not only does this classic slot provide retro ambience but it can give the higher chance to boost the big prizes. Other slots by Netent and other developers with interesting paybacks are Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt with 98.8%, 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick with ‎98.6%, and Blood Suckers from NetEnt with 98%.

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Calculating Return to Player

RTP is usually shown on the online slot or if not, you can check it on the info page. Fortunately, calculating a Return to Player does not require a complicated operation.


If the chance is on your side and you take home £400 from a £10 session. So, the RTP can be (400x 10) 4000%. However, mind that the RTP rates are just theoretical so the percentage is calculated in a long-term of play.

House Edge Slot Machines

Another important feature that must also take into account is the house edge which is opposite of the RTP. If there is a slot with 97% RTP, the house edge will be 3%. All the casino games are created to have a house edge.


This means how big the advantages of the casino. Apart from the Keno game, the slot machine has a big house edge in which the players lose more because they are faster than keno.

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High Volatility & Low Volatility

Volatility is also bundled with the slot machine as it can refer to the size of the winnings over a short period. The slot games with high volatility have inferior RTPs which is more advantageous to the operators whereas the slots with lower volatility have superior paybacks.


Highly volatile slots often offer the RTP around 94% but some games come with lower than 92%. Therefore, if you want to take a long moment on playing a slot machine, you should choose the games with high RTP.

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